Five things wey we observe as Manchester United beat PSG 3-1 (Agg 3-3): Romelu Lukaku na beast

When i first talk say Manchester United go beat PSG 3-1, people dey yab me, dey talk say PSG go finish us. As better pikin wey i be, i no make noise. Las Las, all my enemies don dey put to shame because na the exact scoreline happen last night as Manchester United knack PSG 3-1. The people wey score for the Red Devils na Romelu Lukaku (2x) and Marcus Rashford. I wan craze as i dey like this, but first make i talk about the five things wey i observe for the game.

The first thing wey i observe na say PSG play ball, but na Man United dey score goals. PSG bin get 68% ball possession while na only 32% wey United see. The thing wey save United na the fact say dem score early goals because na wetin change how the game take be. Even the second goal wey Lukaku score, no be like say United dey ball dem, then we con unlock their defence. Na Rashford tear shot, then Buffon con fumble ball wey e suppose catch, as Lukaku be sharp guy, e con pounce on am. I dey happy with that goal, make i no lie. For the viewing centre wey i watch the game, one guy dey talk say United go chop 4-1 but as Big Rom score that second goal, e lock up.

The second thing wey i observe na the fact say United bin set up as 3-5-2 before the game, but na 5-2-1-2 dem play for the most part. The game plan for first half, bin dey different from the second half game-plan. For first half, na rush game and counter attack wey United dey play, but na ball retention wey dem play, dem no too rush game. E be like say Ole don see am for dream, say na dying minute winning goal.

Thirdly, Eric Bailly bin struggle when e dey pitch but hin injury bin favour Manchester United. Diogo Dalot na starboy, e dey ball, na him wey win the penarity wey lead to the winning goal. But if i wan talk about hin defensive abilities, as Dalot enter, Di Maria no con dey shine again. See ehn, Di Maria bin chop Eric Bailly like Sallah meat, e bin dey dribble am up and down.

Another thing wey we observe na say Romelu Lukaku don regain hin form. The guy don collect back hin striking position from Marcus Rashford. No be beans say e don score six goals for hin last three games. Na him be United’s best player against PSG. Apart from hin two goals, hin link up play and first touch amaze me.

Lastly, i bin observe say Ole don restore the United mentality so i no know why Woodward and ko never give am the job. Na him deserve am. If Ole no get the permanent manager job, wetin we gain?

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