Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 3-1 PSG: Lukazilla pepper dem

See as Romelu Lukaku take disgrace Buffon

The kind joy wey dey my heart as i dey write this article ehn. See ehn, out of all the wins wey Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don get so far, na this one sweet my belle as Manchester United knack PSG 3-1 with goals by Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford.

The next game wey the Red Devils get na against Arsenal on Sunday. That one go be another hard battle as e go happen for Emirates, but na story for another day. For now, we wan rate all the United players ontop how dem take perform against PSG.

David de Gea: Our defence bin shield am for the most part but the chances wey PSG see, e manage block road so dem no fit score. I no go blame am for the goal wey PSG score, na Eric Bailly cause am. I go hail am for how e manage stand hin ground when Mbappe see one on one. I go even hail am for hin other top saves. 8

Eric Bailly: Na only him wakka come jare. E play rubbish, e dey do like say e dey hin bedroom, na hin cause the PSG goal as e play everybody onside. Our game con improve as Dalot replace am. 3

Victor Lindelof: This guy dey outstanding on the night. E make some world class clearance and blocks to deny PSG from goal chance. I go rate am 9.

Chris Smalling: This guy put Kylian Mbappe inside hin pocket. That first leg ehn, Mbappe just dey use Bailly play but Smalling no allow make e see room for anything. Football no be by pace alone, sense dey am and sense full Smalling brain last night. After Mbappe bin dribble De Gea, if no be for Smalling, e for score, i no sabi how Smalling manage make that tackle. 9

Lukazilla na beast

Luke Shaw: This guy do well, e no allow make PSG players bully am and e help dey push ball. E show Mbappe pepper self. 8

Ashley Young: E bin do rubbish sometimes during the game but e get one mad clearance wey e make as ball dey go meet Di Maria wey for score sitter. I go give am 8 for that clearance alone.

Fred: Na hin best game in United shirt, e mark everybody, e no allow make PSG do shakara for us. E also help us when we dey do counter attack. 8

Pereira: E try for first half but hin game con drop for second half, na why Ole replace am with Chong. 7

Scott McTominay: This guy dey aggressive o sote e remain small PSG players for beat am until our players rush to defend am. Na warrior, i like how e dey man that role in the absence of Matic. 8

Marcus Rashford: Na hin pace make PSG do error for first half. E dey run ehn, na wetin put fear for their body. E no play well for second half but i go rate am 8 for that hin winning penalty. Na calm finish.

Romelu Lukaku: 10/10. Their father, nobody for that PSG defence fit handle am. E bully all of them, even that Kimpembe wey bin shine at Old Trafford. Na my Man of the Match.


Diogo Dalot: This guy dey do all. E sabi play RB, e sabi play RW. E sabi dribble. Apart from hin few miss-passes, e ball fire. I rate am 9

Chong: This guy no play well at all. E bin lose possession many times. Fear just dey catch am. 5

I no fit rate Greenwood as ball no reach am as e enter late.

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