Five things wey we observe as Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-0

Na sad day for Red Devils.

Finally Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s unbeaten run at United don end at the hand of Arsenal as Xhaka and Aubameyang score to make Gunners win 2-0. Make we kukuma talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

Firstly, United bin stand the game with the wrong set-up, na after Arsenal score their first goal, na hin Ole con change hin system wey allow room for Shaw and Dalot to overlap but i no go blame the defeat on that early mistake as United bin see many chances during the game.

Secondly, United bin waste many chances today. E be like say na that celebration over Paris Saint Germain too enter their body, sote dem forget say Arsenal na strong team. Lukaku wey dey score hard goals before today, con dey miss easy chances. Even Rashford self miss goals.

Thirdly, Fred na one of the worst midfielders wey Manchester United don sign. Na only technique wey e get but all hin other attributes na zero. E dey lose physical battles, ariel duels, etc. Na only Agidi e get. Na him wey give Arsenal this 3 points as that penalty wey e give away, dey unnecessary as Smalling bin dey there to cover.

Another thing wey we observe na say Ander Herrera na big miss today. Him na confirm warrior for that midfield. If say e dey, e for dey do the dirty work so Pogba and ko go fit shine.

Lastly, i believe say United don snap back to reality after this defeat. After that PSG win, e be like say our players dey sleep for cloud. As Lindelof wey be our best defender, dey make mistakes at the back, Lukaku dey miss chances, Rashford dey rusty. I hope say dem go bounce back with six points against Watford and Wolves.

Wetin you think?

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