Players’ report card ontop Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United: Fred na big flop

Fred na one of the worst midfielders wey United don sign in recent years.

E be like say Manchester United bin over celebrate against PSG, na wetin cause this defeat as strange things bin happen for Emirates Stadium today. Las Las, na Arsenal win 2-0 with goals from Aubameyang and Xhaka.

The next game wey United get na FA Cup tie against Wolves, but make we talk about how our players take perform today:

De Gea: E get big hand for the defeat today. From hin poor ball distribution to how e manage allow Xhaka to score easy goal, e gats answer query. 3

Smalling: Na our best defender today as e manage tidy up when Lindelof sleep for back. 6

Lindelof: Na hin worse performance under Ole, e allow make Lacazette tension am. 5

Shaw: E get good game, e make good runs, e suppose get assist but Lukaku waste hin chance. 7

Young: Na average game this one get jare. 5

Matic: This guy just lazy today ehn, i just tire. 4

Fred: Na our worst midfielder for that pitch today. E go just dey over ginger when ball no dey hin leg but once e dey with ball, e go do like mumu. Na him wey dash Arsenal this 3 points with hin rubbish penalty. 2

Pogba: Sometimes, e play well. Sometimes e mess up. Na 6

Dalot: I bin dey expect more from am but e no deliver like other days. 5

Rashford: This guy dey rusty jare but Ole like am, na why e no bench am. 3

Lukaku: Hin first tpuch and positioning make sense today, but hin finishing na error. E miss some big chances. 6

One thought on “Players’ report card ontop Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United: Fred na big flop

  1. Another thing wey I observe be say, RASHFORD form don drop I swear. I don dey notice am since our match against Liverpool, e don dey fuck up jare.

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