Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: “We no dey fear anybody for Champions League.”

Manchester United caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don provide update ahead of the Red Devils FA Cup clash against Wolves on Saturday.

According to the United boss, Romelu Lukaku fit miss the game as e get foot injury, Mason Greenwood self fit miss am e dey sick.

Ole: “Some players still dey recover, dem don improve this week as dem dey train with us, Ander, Jesse, dey train. Romelu Lukaku foot dey pain am, e go access am to see if e go join us.”

Ole: “Phil Jones don come back, so we don strong wella now. Mason no dey feel fine so e never train this week yet. E fit train this Morning, so we fit observe am.”

The Champions League draw go happen and the United boss talk say e dey ready to face any team in the competition.

Ole ontop the UCL Draw: “E no consign me who dem give us because e go hard and if you wan reach final, you gats beat everybody.”

Ole: “E sweet me say we qualify, plenty good teams dey for Champions League. Very soon, we go sabi who we dey play against… The competition dey sweet me self, last week i dey relax, dey watch the other teams play.”

Ole ontop say six English teams dey European competition: “Omo no beans, e show say we sabi gan, and no be like say na easy teams wey we face, dem Dortmund, Munich and PSG don japa at the hands of PL teams so e show say we sabi.”

Ole: “April and May na the time for us to focus on the trophies wey we wan win, so we gats use our squad well.”

Ole: “Alexis? E dey come back on Sunday but e never touch grass yet o. E still far before e go come back. E go dey available for City, Chelsea and Everton.”

Ole: “We don give ourselves chance to finish for Top four or Three. We dey quarter-finals of the FA Cup and Champions League. I know say our run don make sense but now we dey eye the trophies we wan carry.”

Ole don praise Wolves ahead of our FA Cup clash vs dem: “Dem dey seventh for table and dem still dey trust in their own game. Dey bin defend wella against Chelsea last week. But when dem dey house, dem go attack you o, dem sabi pass wella.”

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