Five things wey we observe as Wolves beat Manchester United 2-1

Manchester United don lose to Wolves for the second time. The first time na for FA Cup, now e don happen for Premier League. E be like say na Wolves wan destroy Ole’s season, after all the hardwork wey e don do now. Anyway, make we talk about the five things wey we observe for the game.

The first thing wey we observe na say Wolves don expose Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically. The koko na say Ole no dey sound tactically, meaning if hin starting eleven no play well, e go dey make changes wey go confuse you. Na the same thing happen last night. After that Young’s red card, all hin changes na error and na wetin make Wolves. The first na Jones for Fred, then Martial for Lukaku, and Pereira for Dalot. E be like say e bin dey play into Wolves hand. Na Lukaku and Dalot wey worry Wolves defence gan, but e go remove them. Many fans go question am, say why e no remove Lingard for Martial? And why e no remove Pogba for Pereira?

Secondly, Na one of the worst games wey we don see from Paul Pogba this season. But the biggest pant for that team na Ashley Young. Upon the mistakes from Fred and Smalling, i no dey even vex for them like that, na that Young wey go collect red card i dey para for. Even before that red, e just dey lose possession, dey tension himself, dey play long balls wey never land for Lukaku’s bustop, na their keeper catch all the long balls. E shock me say United don extend hin contract, i dey weak.

Thirdly, Manchester United bin start the game well but na the mistake from De Gea and Fred wey change the game as na after that Wolves goal, na hin Wolves begin dominate the game. We sha don accept our L in peace.

Fourthly, We no sabi why United dey struggle against Wolves. E dey confuse us. The Red Devils don play Wolves three times this season, na one draw and two defeats, na big shame..

Lastly, United don almost blow their top four race hopes, as now na to pray make Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea lose.

Wetin you think?

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