Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona: Na Young flop pass, Ole’s changes dey poor

Young’s decision making fit frustrate dead person to rise from the grave

Manchester United get big work to do if dem wan make UEFA Champions League semi-final. If dem wan make am, e mean say dem gats beat Barcelona for Camp Nou. The Spanish giants bin win 1-0 for first leg after Luke Shaw score own goal, but na all to play for in the second leg next week. The next game wey the Reds get na against West Ham for Premier League.

Make we rate all the United players ontop how them take perform:

De Gea: We no fit blame am for the goal. E make world class save to deny Coutinho. 6

Smalling: E shock me but na our best defender tonight as e manage keep Suarez and Messi at bay for the most part. 8

Lindelof: E bin make some errors wey almost cost United goal. E fall my hand today. 6

Young: Na one of the players we suppose sell this summer or demote to second team. Hin freekicks, throwing, pull-out, take-ons na dead. 2

Luke Shaw: E try, we no like where Ole use am. E waste for there. 7

Paul Pogba: We bin dey expect more from am, e go show face, then e go vanish, con appear again, then vanish. 6

Fred: E recover 15 balls from Barcelona hand. 8

Scott McTominay: Na our best midfielder tonight, e boss that midfield sote Barca players no fit handle am. 9

Marcus Rashford: The guy no dey fit jare, e waste many chances. For some reason, e no chase ball down like how e do for PSG second leg. 5

Romelu Lukaku: E bin dey cry out for good delivery but our crossings poor today. But e use hin strength to bully Barca defenders 7

Dalot: E try, even for wrong position. Na Ole i go blame for why e no too impact the game. 7

Ole: E try for hin starting line-up but e no allow make Shaw over-lap, then e con allow make Young dey waste all our balls for right-wing. Na wrong call to remove Lukaku. E gats improve tactically in tough games. 4


Na only Martial impact the game. we go give am 6. Lingard na ode 2, Pereira no play for long so we no fit rate am.

Wetin you think?

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