Scott McTominay don praise Jose Mourinho plus e don make strong United stance: “We dey build, we go cause trouble”

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay don heap praises on hin former Reds boss Jose Mourinho. The United pikin don also praise hin new boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and e talk say the Red Devils go become force to reckon with once Ole finish wetin e dey build.

McTominay: “Jose try wella for me. When i first come, the guy bin show me tough love. I bin dey argue with one of the first team players then and e con tell me say ‘Hey pikin, you dey with men now, when dem talk, dey listen – as e no go make sense if dem become your enemy.’” [Times]

McTominay: “‘You no be superstar’ na wetin Mourinho talk, den e con wakka commot. As i con dey train, i dey ask myself ‘Shey i don spoil my chances of first team football? I no fit believe am. I no dey see myself as star, i just dey learn work.’ But Mourinho bin talk that thing to know if i go man up.” [Times]

McTominay: “Shey i be Jose’s favorite? People dey talk am but all na lie. You no fit use mouth to make managers like you. You gats work hard so dem go respect you, Na wetin i dey do with Ole self.” [Times]

McTominay: “How people go like you na when dem see as you be for pitch and how you dey behave off pitch and I feel say Mourinho bin see something in me, some other people self see am, but some people no see am. Las Las i dey grateful.” [Times]

McTominay: “E (Mourinho) dey text me and i dey reply am, we dey relate well. E bin pain me when dem sack am but na how football take be, we move. Him na amazing manager, but we don get another amazing manager wey be Ole.” [Times]

McTominay: “Life no be rush, na jeje (meaning: small small). I feel some people nowadays, dem wan make everything happen sharp sharp ‘if dem no dey see playing chance, dem go wan go elsewhere’ na good thing but if Man United dey your blood, like me, you no go wan give this chance up. You go fight o.” [Times]

McTominay: “Wetin my papa dey always talk na say, if you see chance, use am well because if you no use am, another person go take your spot. Many pikins dey hot for the reserve team for here, wey dey hungry for first team football – Jimmy Garner, Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong.” [Times]

McTominay: “The way things be for here na say, if the first team players no dey do the job, the boss, Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna no go take am. We get boys wey dey hot for reserves o, dem go play their life out if dem see chance.” [Times]

McTominay: “When you be 22, people go dey treat you like small pikin. But i wan make una treat me like United’s first team. I no wan make una treat me like young player who dey add jara. I wan make una judge me hard o. Make una give me big roles, i go deliver.” [Times]

McTominay: “I feel say United dey pass through transition phase and we go turn star team soon, players dey here now, once we click ehn, we go cause trouble. We dey close to something special. Na truth i dey talk, i mean am.” [Times]

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