Ole Gunnar Solskjaer press conference: “We go change am for Manchester City”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don run press conference ahead of the Manchester Derby wey go happen on Wednesday night. The Reds don lose their last two games shamefully, 3-0 against Barcelona, and 4-0 against Everton. The United boss dey demand positive response from hin players when them wakka enter pitch to face City.

Ole: “We gats change our mindset and make sure our heads dey ready for Wednesday. As we take lose like that, e weak us. Now we gats respond wella for our next game.”

Ole “I get confidence in my team and myself o, i dey ready do battle for here. When you dey pass through bad results, you gats dey tell yourself ‘Na how we go do am be this, we dey plan ahead.’”

Ole: “Na me dey in charge and na me dey give the players instructions ontop how dem go play and na my duty to improve them, but e sure me say we go play well on Wednesday.”

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