Five things wey we observe as Manchester City beat United 2-0: Ole no sabi read game, e dey favour English players

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dey struggle with hin substitutions and e don show again tonight.

Manchester United don lose their last three (3) games in a row, as dem lose to Barcelona (3-0), Everton (4-0), and Manchester City (2-0). This games don reveal Ole Gunnar Solskjaer say e no dey wise tactically, infact e dey dreadful. The only hope wey United get tonight, na the fact say Arsenal bin lose against Wolves, so their top four battle still dey on. But from everything we don observe, na Europa League we dey head.

Make we talk about the five things wey we observe as United lose 2-0 vs City:

Firstly, if United fit remove Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as permanent manager when summer reach, we no go mind. The main reason why dey employ am before, na for him to dey temporarily, but e con surpass expectation, but since wey e get the job, e don relax as huge money don dey enter hin account. E dey fumble tactically since then, and e dey favour English players over non-English players. The worst part about Ole’s game na hin substitutions, e dey weak me everytime. Since wey Ole dey fumble, hin class of 92 teammates no wan push single blame to am, e dey very obvious say dem wan protect am as e be their guy. See ehn, we need new players but we believe say we need new manager too.

Secondly, Manchester United bin show fighting spirit for first half but Man City bin outclass them with Leroy Sane substitution. We bin dey expect make Ole counter am but the United manager dull. The changes wey hin make self, na like person wey don give up. E con throw Lukaku, Martial and Alexis on to give them playing time. Today no be the first time wey Ole don make this mistake. E dey pain

Thirdly, David de Gea na total garbage this season. Before this season, we fit argue say him na the best goalkeeper for this world but after this season, e don return back to how e be for hin first season under Sir Alex. The number of games wey e don cost United ehn, we no fit count on 10 fingers.

Another thing wey we observe na say Fred na one of our worst signings. Apart from hin work rate and ball recovery, wetin e dey really bring to the table? E no dey score like that, e no dey assists. Hin passes dey sloppy.

Lastly, we gats sell all the average players regardless of where we end up, whether na Champions League or Europa League.

Wetin you think?

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