Battle for Half A Million Naira in MUIP FPL 2019/20 Competition

MUIP FPL 2019/20 Competition

MUIP FPL 2019/20 #DareToDream

The Best Fantasy Premier League competition in Nigeria, MUIP FPL 2019/20, go officially kick-off on August 9, 2019 and e go end on May 17, 2020. The deadline for Registration is August 16, 2019.

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Over N154,000 in cash prizes were given out in our last season’s FPL competition (MUIP FPL 2018/19). To to view all the receipt of cash prizes, click here: All the Receipts of MUIP FPL 2018/19 Cash Prizes.

Also, on the final day of MUIP FPL 2018/19, we credited three players at the top of the table (Yamani, Bayuze, and Jesse Ajayi). Yamani won N50,000. Bayuze won N20,000 while Jesse Ajayi won N10,000. The receipt of the cash prizes can be shown below:

Table Standings at the end of MUIP FPL 2018/19 Season.
Bayuze wins N20,000
Jesse Ajayi wins N10,000
Yamani wins N50,000

MUIP FPL 2019-20

The 2019/20 season’s own will be WAY BIGGER as N500,000 is Up for Grabs in the MUIP FPL 2019/20 competition. So, Unleash the Lion inside You!

To know more about how FPL dey work? Visit What is Fantasy Premier League (FPL), MUIP FPL

How to Register?

Firstly, kindly visit Fantasy Premier League and set sign-up (i.e. if you’re a first time player)

Secondly, kindly set your FPL Team of 15 players and Enter Squad.

Select your FPL Team
When you’re done selecting your Team, click Enter Squad

Thirdly, Set a Name for your FPL Team. When you’re done with this, kindly make payment to join our MUIP FPL League. (i.e MUIP FPL is a private classic League in the game only accessible to paid players)

The registration fee for the MUIP FPL 2019/20 na ₦3,000 only. (i.e. Na one-time payment for the whole 2019/20 season). Click the image below to make payment:

Make payment for MUIP FPL 2019/20

MUIP FPL CODE, Rules and Regulations

After Payment confirmation, You will be re-directed to our private page where you will be granted access to our MUIP FPL Code, Rules and Regulations.

How to earn in MUIP FPL via referral?

You fit earn by referring your friends to participate in 2019/20 MUIP FPL competition. You go collect N1,200 per friend you refer.

Earn via MUIP FPL Referral

For players wey wan earn via the N1,200 referral clause, kindly contact Ikejiuwa Ugochukwu via whatsapp on +2347016989752.

What is a N1,200 referral clause? Na way you fit earn in our MUIP FPL competition by referring people to register (pay). Upon payment, contact Ugochukwu and e go credit you N1,200 per person.

Note: A person that took part in our last MUIP FPL competition cannot be referred i.e. A player that took part in MUIP FPL 2018/19 cannot refer someone that also took part in MUIP FPL 2018/19, He can only refer new player(s)

Register for MUIP FPL 2019/20
Register for MUIP FPL 2019/20

Important Things to know?

1. The official code for MUIP FPL will be sent out to only paid players.

Kindly note: The deadline for payment is August 16, 2019. After which, the League would be closed.

2. The MUIP FPL 2019/20 League na classic League.

3. Na 38 game-weeks (GW) for the MUIP FPL competition.

4. Grand Finale Prizes: On the 38th game-week (Grand Finale), The First position on the table go receive N200,000. The Second position go receive N81,000. The Third position go receive N30,000. The Fourth position go receive N20,000. The Fifth position go receive N10,000.

5. Manager Of The Week: For each of the 38 game-weeks, N3,000 will be awarded to the player that accumulates the most points for that particular game-week (GW) i.e. Not top of table, but most points acquired per week.

6. Manager Of the Month: We will also award prizes to the Manager of the Month for 9 months. i.e. The player with the most points at the end of each month (August 2019 – April 2020) will be awarded N5,000.

For more enquiries?

Contact us via WhatsApp/call: Ugochukwu (07016989752), Temitope (08098240688)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there a limit to the Number of people i can refer in MUIP FPL? No there is no limit. Kindly make sure you contact Ugochukwu so you are credited for referrals.
  2. I have never played Fantasy Premier League before now. How can i sign up? Kindly visit to sign up. Its an easy process. A. Fill in your personal details B. Choose your Favoruite club. C. Decide if you want to receive newsletter from FPL or not. D. Check your mailbox and activate your account.
  3. When would i be able to set my Team for the new season? In July, but i can assure you that players still set their teams a day before the Premier League starts.
  4. Would there be a whatsapp group for paid players in MUIP FPL? Yes, A group has been created. After Payment, You will be given access to the group.
  5. I don’t live in Nigeria but i want to partake in MUIP FPL 2019/20, What should i do? Kindly contact Ugochukwu. He would put you through on how to register from abroad (i.e. UK, USA, etc)

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