Manchester United don announce Aaron Wan-Bissaka aka ‘Issakaba’

Man United don unveil Wan-Bissaka

Manchester United don finally announce full-back Wan-Bissaka signing. Hin nickname na Issakaba. We dey very happy as e mean say Ashley Young go chop bench tire. The only time wey Young go standa for bench na when e wan go shit for toilet.

The deal for Bissaka na £45m + £5m jara. Na 5-year contract wey e sign but United fit extend am by one year if e play well.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: “E dey hungry me to play ball with the team. I go rest now sha as i bin play for European Championship but e dey hungry me to resume training. I wan learn work from Ole, i wan meet my teammates.”

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka: “As i dey like this, i fit piss for body. Joy dey my heart, e dey burst my brain say i fit call myself Man United player, na only people wey get level dey play for United. Smelling people dey play for Chelsea.”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don yarn hin mind ontop the signing. The Reds boss believe say Bissaka na the real deal.

Ole: “Bissaka aka Issakaba na young devil wey dey hungry, e wan learn and na the koko for am. As e be young boy, e get enough time to learn work. E sweet me say e don sign for us o. We go help am sote e go bench Young tire.”

Issakaba na Red

Ole: “Bissaka na one of the best young defenders wey dey this League. Hin shit dey smell but e get home training, e get United DNA and everything wey we need, e get am for body.”

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