Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s press conference: “As we dismantle Chelsea, Moral dey high to face Wolves”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don run press conference ahead of United’s clash against Wolves on Monday. 

“Chelsea bin ball us for April but on Sunday, we show dem say dem be our boy, na wetin Ole yarn. “E make sense for us. Our team dey young so energy still dey body, but our boys dey ball o.”

Ole: “Wolves go hard o, their defence dey wear iron pant. Dem dey defend deep and dem no go give you free space. But our form dey okay and my players sabi, i believe say we go beat them.”

Ole ontop Harry Maguire: “E be calm guy, whether for pitch, or outside pitch. No be today wey e learn work, e get big body, joy dey hin heart and everybody like am.”

“The good teams wey i don play in, get defence wey make brain,” na wetin Ole yarn. “We hope say our defence go lock shop so our attackers and midfielders like Fred go shine this year.”

“Our pre-season make sense so everybody dey fit,” na wetin Ole yarn. “Our team na small boys full am, so we get energy, our brain dey work. Our form dey good right now.”

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