Our Top 5 Anti-Manchester United fans in Nigeria

Earlier this morning, we bin release list of the our 10 Manchester United fans on twitter and e cause wahala as many people believe say their favorite United friend suppose dey there. But las las, na love wey we get for all United fans, even if your name no dey our list.

Right now, we wan release list of the top five Anti-Manchester United fans. Na only when United dey lose, you go see them tweeting about United. Some of them be mumu, while others be scholars. But last last, we all know say United better pass all the clubs for Premier League (including Liverpool and Man City)

  1. @FeralJack_: This guy na mumu and e be Chelsea fan. Why e be mumu? E dey spend most of their time talking bad about United. Na Chelsea fan but e dey spend most of hin time drafting tweets to banter United because e know say hin own club na dustbin.
  2. @OgbeniDipo: This guy na scholar, infact e dey part of PhD Twitter. We get mad respect for am as e dey inspire people to develop themselves more through professional courses & ko. But the problem we get with am na when e mention Manchester United. E dey obvious from hin football related tweets that e lack knowledge about football. If we go advice am, make e stick to education and employment and make e leave football talku talku for the people wey sabi am because the football streets no dey safe for people wey wan put themselves for banter world. Dipo Be warned.
  3. @Omojuwa: We get mad respect for this guy right here as e dey set example for people in Digital Marketing. E also dey part of PhD twitter. But once in a while, e dey chook mouth for Manchester United matter, all in the name of banter. We no blame am sha, as e dey support useless club like Arsenal, the only joy e go get from football, na when e dey banter United.
  4. @Cindy_blog: Na she be the biggest Liverpool fan for Nigeria, so we respect am for that. But she too dey chook mouth for United fans matter, na why Uche Dandy block am self. She get mad hatred for United but she dey talk about us everytime. E dey make her happy when United lose. We dey wish am well this 2019/20 season but we know say she go dey sad as usual at the end of the season in Premier League because Liverpool go bottle the title as usual.
  5. @Prinzgbemi: This one na another Arsenal fan wey dey derive joy in bantering Manchester United because e dey support Arsenal. Arsenal fans bin banter United all through last season with ‘6th FC’ like say dem dey go Champions League. But last last, na the two of us go play against Zamfara FC for Europa League.

In conclusion, we hope say God go put our enemies to shame as e go give us Premier League top three finish this 2019/20 season, also we go win one cup. E sure me say Ole Gunnar Solskjaer go shine sote our haters go hide their face.

Wetin you think?

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