Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United draw 1-1 against Liverpool

This game pain us as na two points dropped due to defensive error by Man United. The person wey score for the Reds na Marcus Rashford, while na Adam Lallana equalize for Liverpool.

The Red Devils dey siddon for 13th position, very poor sha. Make we talk about the five things wey we observe.

Manchester United bin play pass United for the first 80 minutes, while Liverpool con play well for the last 10 minutes. But we feel say United for block that goal wey Liverpool score, na Ashley Young cause am.

Secondly, the United players bin play with their hearts. If the Reds fit put in this kind shift for all their remaining games, dem fit climb up the table. We need am badly.

Also, the Red Devils bin dey compact today. Dem frustrate Klopp sote the guy gats turn to hin bench to save himself from shame. We gats praise Scott McTominay as e control ball for that midfield.

Fourthly, the Red Devils attack work wella. Daniel James and Rashford bin try. For that goal, James’s pace give Liverpool’s backline wahala and that finish by Rashford dey brilliant.

Lastly, United gats plenty work to do if dem wan get their season back on track. We hope say this game na the start of greater things to come.

Wetin you think?

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