Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Chelsea 2-1 for Carabao Cup

The Red Devils don win their third straight away game after dem knack Chelsea 2-1 for Stamford Bridge. Na Marcus Rashford wey score both goals for Manchester United. The first goal na penalty, while the second na beautiful freekick.

Make we talk about the five things wey we observe for the game, before we turn our attention to our Premier League clash against Bournemouth on Saturday.

Firstly, the Red Devils bin play today according to the tactics wey Ole set. Ole bin start with 3 at the back like e do against Liverpool. E work well for first half but e con change am for second half after Chelsea equalize. When e bring in Martial and Pereira, the Reds con dey see attacking chances. Ole bin school Lampard tactically today.

Secondly, the Reds bin defend well. The Blues bin struggle to see chances. Even the goal wey Chelsea score, na solo effort. No be like say dem break down the United defence. We gats commend Maguire and Rojo.

Also, we believe say Marcus Rashford don find form as e score two goals tonight. Since that Liverpool game, e dey play well. E show himself again tonight. Even when e no too shine, e manage get two big goals wey lead United to Quarter-Finals.

Also, Man United bin do well for midfield. Especially for that first half as dem chase every ball down. But dem tire for second-half, but as Lingard commot and Pereira enter, the energy con balance again.

Lastly, Man United’s form don dey improve as dem dey win. If dem fit win Bournemouth, Maybe dem fit charge for top four race.

Wetin you think?

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