Five things wey we observe as Manchester United draw Sheffield United 3-3: Ole na tactical mumu

Manchester United don draw 3-3 against Sheffield United. This game get as e be as the Red Devils bin play like mumu for the most part. The Red Devils bin dey down by two goals but Williams, Greenwood and Rashford. We think say the Reds don get surprise 3 points but Sheffield score late goal.

Make we talk about the five things wey we observe for this game:

Firstly, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer na one of the coaches wey no get tactical sense for Premier League. E be like say e no wan learn from hin own mistakes. We no sabi why e start Phil Jones today. Also, why e remove Martial for Tuanzebe when hin side dey lead 3-2.

Secondly, Man United no play well for 70 minutes. If we go dey honest, the first half, na the worst Man United first-half in the past five seasons.

Thirdly, we no wan see Phil Jones for Premier League game again. E dey finished at top level. Na him wey cost us 3 points today. Him and Ole.

Also, we dey happy for Brandon Williams and Mason Grewnwood as Dem don get their first Premier League goals.

Lastly, Man United no go fit make top four. Period

Wetin you think?

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