Everton coachii dun reveal injury list and expectations for Manchester United clash

Everton caretaker coachii Duncan Ferguson dun confirm say former Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin go dey among hin injured pikins for this weekend game.

Theo Walcott dey also out of the Old Trafford clash for Sunday afternoon between United and Everton, as e be say na legendary former strikers dey coach them currently.

Ferguson dun heavily play down the Toffees’ chances to win against dah United side wey dun recently start to dey play like players wey dey on drugs under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but dun struggle to beat teams wey dey second half of the table.

Both teams dun record morale-boosting Premier League wins last weekend, as Everton panya Agberos (Chelsea) 3-1 for Ferguson debut match and United spank Manchester rivals City 2-1.

“We dun only win one game for the last 20 odd years there [for Old Trafford] dem dey great form as well,” Ferguson yarn for hin pre-match press conference.

“Unfortunately dem dey mad form at the moment but I dey sure say we fit give good account of ourselves.

“I tear my first two goals there, I get good record against Manchester United there, happy days.”

The Scot then confirm say both Schneiderlin and Walcott dun carry calf injuries put for leg, as e go keep them out for two and three weeks respectively, as hin add say “dem no go hear word for my ghetto if we fit win” at the Theatre of Dreams.

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