Five things wey we observe as Arsenal knack Manchester United 2-0: The Reds gats sign new Midfielders or dem go suffer

Man United gats sign players or dem go suffer

The Red Devils don succumb to another defeat this Premier League season after dem lose 2-0 against Arsenal for Emirates Stadium.

Make we talk about the five things wey we observe for the game.

Firstly, Arsenal bin bully Manchester United for the most part of the game. Na only God save United sef, this game for end like 5-0 as Arsenal too miss chances.

Secondly, The Red Devils bin dey absent for all areas (attack, midfield and defence). If we go dey honest, the Reds bin suffer from lack of creative midfielders. Paul Pogba dey out for 4 weeks while Scott McTominay dey out for 8 weeks. No be shock why United struggle. Our strikers go dey make run, nobody go give dem ball. Who wan throw pass? Na Matic or Fred?

Also, Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire na liability for defence. Dem two get lack of defensive awareness. Na Harry wey play everybody onside for that first goal, but na Luke Shaw we go blame for the game, e no mark Pepe. Luke Shaw bin get himself for second half but e don late already, the damage dey done already.

Also, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer no dey tactically good enough to overturn a game from losing position. E don happen many times this season, once United concede first, na game over. No be rocket science say Ole no get sense to tactically overturn a game.

Lastly, Man United dey suffer from lack of midfielders. If dem no sign players this January, dem no go make top four. Simple

Wetin you think?

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