Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Man City 2-0: Bruno Fernandes na the real deal

The Red Devils don knack Man City 2-0 for Old Trafford. The people wey score for the Reds na Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay. This victory mean say Manchester United don keep their hopes high for Top Four race. If say the Reds no win, e for dey bad as Chelsea bin win Everton earlier.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for this game:

Firstly, Manchester United bin defend well today. We gats hail Harry Maguire, Nemanja Matic and Wan Bissaka. Dem cover everywhere sote City no fit score. Matic dey do that Defensive midfield work well, e dey really protect United’s defence.

Secondly, Bruno Fernandes get vision and Anthony Martial’s form don improve. The goal wey Martial score na world class finish. We believe say dem two understand themselves.

Also, we observe say Ole Gunnar Solskjaer bin school Pep Guardiola tactically today. E counter everything wey e wan do. When Pep bin bring Mahrez and Jesus, e dey give United wahala but as Bailly enter, e quench all their fire.

Also, we observe say Daniel James na fine player for counter attack but hin football IQ dey very low. E get so many times wey Bruno dey open, but James no go pass because e wan carry ball run. E gats improve because if e no take time, e fit chop bench.

Lastly, we believe say David de Gea still get am for body. Some fans don dey talk say Dean Henderson go dey start next season but we believe say the Spaniard still get plenty things to offer.

Wetin you think?

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