#CoronaVirusUpdate How Corona Virus dey affect Man United plans?

Alexis Sanchez and Chris Smalling dey do loan for Italy. Dem don suspend Italian League because of Corona Virus

No be today we don dey hear about Corona Virus as e don dey spread throughout the world. Right now, e don dey affect football activities and e dey bring worry to many fans.

How e take affect Manchester United? We bin hear say UEFA dey reason whether dem go suspend Champions League and Europa League for now (E no dey official yet).

UEFA: “We dey eye everything wey dey happen and we dey word with WHO and national authorities. UEFA dey also eye wetin local authorities dey do and we dey talk with all the clubs.”

Rudolf Anschober (Austrian health minister): “We go cancel all events wey go happen for outside wey fit bring over 500 people. Also, we go cancel indoor events wey go bring over 100 people. Na how e go be till mid-April.”

Wetin we fit confirm na say LASK vs Man United go dey behind closed doors this Thursday. So, fans no go come stadium, come watch am.

The Corona Virus don dey affect competitions for Europe. But we no sabi whether e go affect domestic competitions (Premier League, FA Cup). Na only time go tell. But e sure me say the English government dey observe wetin dey happen.

For Italy, dem don suspend their League and e affect some of our players wey dey on loan for there (Chris Smalling, Alexis Sanchez)

Wetin you think?

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