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Guide on How to Join our MUIP FPL League

Firstly, kindly set your FPL Team (i.e. Select 15 players). The FPL game will only allow you join our MUIP FPL League after you have set your team. Note: You can re-select your team later on when transfers happen in real life this summer.

An Example of a Complete Team Selection in the FPL game. This must happen before you can join our MUIP FPL League.

MUIP FPL na private League in the FPL game. You don pay for our MUIP FPL? If Yes, then we don send the code to your E-mail. Check your inbox or Spam folder for the code. (i.e. For some people, we don give you access to the MUIP FPL code via our private page in Google Doc.)

You don see the code? Yes. Then, Simply copy the MUIP FPL code from the mail/Google Doc, open the Fantasy Premier League app. Click on ‘Join New League’.

Then ‘Join Private Classic League’. Then paste our MUIP FPL code there and it’ll add you to the MUIP FPL League. We don describe am with images below.

Click on ‘More’
Click on ‘Join a League’
Click on ‘Join Private League’
Input the Code we sent to your E-mail. It will add you to the MUIP FPL League

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy premier league dey always start at the beginning of every premier league season, and today I go show you how the thing dey work.

Now, I sure say you don see your friends and plenty people wey dey play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) wella and you wan follow play but no fit understand am, I go teach you how the thing dey work.

E dey very easy, just follow the steps and guide wey dey under to understand the whole FPL thing.

Wetin be Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

FPL na game wey you go play as manager, no be like football manager o! This one dey different. For the game, you go pick squad of real life premier league players and dem go give you points based on how dem ball for real life.

You no understand? Make I explain well. Make we say Lukaku score goal for real life, for the game you go get 4 points (because na four points dem go give you if striker score for real life). No worry I go explain more about points later.


No problem, Visit and sign up

 You need to complete three sections:

1. Personal Details

2. Your Favorites

3. Email Preferences

You sign in if you be existing user
Sign up if you be new user
Follow the steps to sign up

I fit join or create FPL League, because I dey hear about People Leagues?

You fit play on your own without joining any league, that means you go dey compete against people wey dey your country and around the world. And you also fit create private league then invite your friends to join your league, or you fit join your friends or other people dem league if you get the FPL code. FPL code na code dem go give you if you create FPL league, with that code anybody fit join the league.

How I go take pick my team or my squad?

That one na hin easy pass. When you dey start FPL ehn, FPL go give you £100m budget wey you go use buy players for the game. The money be like say e big abi? You never see anything. When you spend am ontop like five players, you go realize say the money no reach anywhere. You go buy 15 players to put for your team. If you look well, you go see say na strikers and wingers wey cost pass.

Your squad gats get 15 players but na only 11 go start every week and na you go choose the ones wey go dey bench and the ones wey go start. If your players we dey starting 11 get injury or dem no play am for real life, dem go select from the bench take replace am for your you.

Na example of how to pick your squad be this. You go choose players (some world class and average players)

How I go take change my lineup after I don pick my starting 11 players?

Before season start, you fit change anybody wey you like as far as you no exceed the 100million budget dem give you. But if season start and first deadline reach (deadline for changes na one hour before match start for real life), na only one transfer you fit make for one gameweek. If you no make changes for any week, the next week you go get two changes. Na there e stop, you no fit continue to get three changes, na for two e stop. But if you don finish your free changes and you still wan change, FPL go deduct four points for each changes you make.

Remember say deadline for change na one hour before the game for real life. If you change late, your changes no appear the next upper week.

How I go take spend the 100million wella?

You gats buy players we go balance your squad. No go rush to buy players wey expensive for one position because other position go full with basket players (players we no dey see match) because na dem cheap pass. You get four positions; goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. Buy better players wey u fit say go ball. No think say players wey dey bench dey useless o, because dem fit save you when your players dey injured or when dem no make the real life squad to play match.

Okay na, which kind players I go pick?

I don tell you before, pick players wey you feel say go give you points. Goalkeeper wey no be basket, defenders wey get sense, midfielders we dey ball, score and assist and then strikers wey dey tear net.

So how I go take get FPL Points?

Plenty ways dey wey you fit get points on FPL o; if your players score, assist, keep clean sheets and ball well, dem go get points. Anybody wey you pick as your captain, go get double points of that game week, so choose your captain with sense.

My team fit lose point?

Yes na, if your players mumu for real life, e go affect your FPL team.

Wetin the player do Points scored
Missing a penalty -2
Every two goals conceded by a goalkeeper/defender -1
Each yellow card -1
Each red card -3
Each own goal -2

Wetin be Chips

E get wetin dem dey call Chips for FPL, dem dey help make your overall points plenty for FPL. Dem dey Four; Triple Captain, Wildcard, Bench Boost and Free Hit.

*Wildcard: Wildcard go allow you make change and transfer any amount of players you like and your points no go comot, but e no go exceed your 100million budget. You fit use Wild Card only two times per season. One na before December 29th and the other na after.

Triple Captain: Normally your captain suppose give you times two of the points wey hin score for one gameweek but if you use triple captain, e go be times three of the points. You fit use am only once for one season.

Bench Boost: You no say players we dey bench no dey get point unless dem replace another player wey dey your starting 11. If you use bench boost, the poinst wey your players we dey bench get for real life, go add to your overall points for that week. This one too, you fit use am once.

Free Hit: Free hit just dey like wild card but this one dey different small because when you make all the changes you wan make, your old players go return after that gameweek.

What if my players injure or dem suspend dem?

Ehn that one na small matter, you fit replace dem with players we dey bench or you make transfers. Monitor your players well o, no go transfer player comot because e get small injury because u fit regret am later.

Remember say the game na based on how players play for real life.